What are Microgreens

Microgreens are young seedlings of herbs and vegetables harvested less than 14 days after germination. They are usually about 1-3 inches long and come in a rainbow of colors, which has made them popular in recent years as garnishes with chefs.

The microgreens are four- to 40-fold more concentrated with nutrients than their mature plant. Because microgreens are harvested right after germination, all the nutrients they need to grow are there. Microgreens are very concentrated with nutrients with distinguish flavors and texture.

Try Mustard microgreens on Lamburger, Hamburger, Hot Dog; lemony Sorrel with fish and seafood. Vibrant Amaranth is gorgeous on deserts and goat cheese, and classic Genovese Basil will bring your plate to bloom and will make your pizza a little more nutritious.  

Delicate nature of microgneens gave us idea of selling our microgreens in living condition and let you to harvest it as you prepare your meal or garnishing your take out

It’s easy to take care of our living microgreens in your kitchen. To keep grow medium moist, fill shallow dish with water about 1/3 inch, place your living microgreens clamshell container into the water, let it sit for about 10-15 min then drain.

Use in a few days for optimal quality.

Enjoy your microgreens as their delicate blooms beautify your meal and nourish you, and maybe will help to see more art in every day life.