About Us


Uber Green Farms

 Uber Green Farms founders oversee all aspects of The operation. We have incorporated only PURE methods, NATURAL FERTILIZERS and NATURAL PESTICIDES . incorporated with our PURE H2O. 

Our farm is small and sustainable, supporting a few families not only with a REAL livable income but fresh greens daily. Our friends and clients all know the high quality product that Uber Green Farms produces but also our PASSION that affects the flavor in our greens and it shows. 


Holistic Farming

Uber Green Farms consist of families and friends working to make Indy a little more healthy by providing better than organic foods to the local market. We grow all our products on site with a lot pride and love for our product. With the help of our family and friends Uber Green Farms just simply wants to make your farm to table experience the best it can be.