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Watering Live Microgreens

  1. Water daily by setting clamshell with microgreens on a plate or in a baking pan.
  2. Add 1/8 deep water to plate or baking sheet.
  3. let microgreens in clamshell sit for 5 min so roots can absorb water.

Harvesting Microgreens

  1. Remove living microgreens from clamshell container
  2. rinse microgreens
  3. with scissors cut desired about
  4. dry with salad spinner or paper towel
  5. Put remaining uncut microgreens back in clamshell container

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Uber Green Farms in Indianapolis takes fresh produce to a whole new level. Our artisan boutique greenery supplies local restaurants, small local grocery stores and farmers markets with the finest quality heirloom varieties of microgreens, petite greens, exotic herbs and edible flowers.

Uber Green Farms's cutting edge innovative in-hydro and aquaponic technologies allow us to take farming into the 21st century enabling us to grow super healthy, packed with flavor, 100% Organically grown, plants in a completely-controlled, self-sustainable environment. Plants are fed a 100% Organic diet, listen to Zen mantras, nurtured in a totally stress-free environment, just like mother nature intended.

Uber Green Farms “The Vertical Farm” living Microgreens, petite greens, exotic herbs and edible flowers are delivered to our friends living. Our produce stays fresh in our easy-to-maintain our living trays for days. Ready to be harvested on demand – truly “farm to fork” 

Uber Green Farms

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